Fitness Friday (workout ideas)

Biceps and Triceps

Timer set at 30 seconds

Repeat each weight lifting exercise through two 30 second intervals for 1 minute total and complete a cardio exercise through one 30 second interval, use following 30 seconds as a rest. 2 minutes should include a weight lifting exercise, a cardio and a rest. Repeat 3 times before moving on to the next weight lifting exercise.

Bicep Curls and Jumping Jacks
Tricep Kickbacks and Gate Keepers
Hammer Curls and Bench Step-Ups
Overhead Tricep Extension and Squat Hops
Curved Bar Close Grip Underhand and Overhand Curls and Speed Skaters
Skull Crushers and Mountain Climbers
Seated Curls and Sumo Squat Jacks
Tricep Dips and Burpees


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