Weekend Workout (Leg Day)


Yesterday, I woke up early and headed to the gym for the dreaded LEG DAY- da da dum…

I have decided to start incorporating two days a week to really work on lower body (not just plyometrics or cardio, but lifting).  If you have a lower body day coming up, try this workout.

1 mile easy jog to warm up

-Banded Squat Walks (side to side – 5 to the left and 5 to the right – for 30 total)
Superset with
-Banded Side Leg Lifts (10reps each side)
Repeat 3x

-One Leg Smith Machine Lunges 70lbs (10reps on each leg)
Superset with
-Reverse Crunches on bench (15 reps)
Repeat 3x

-Hip Thrusts with Band Above Knees 70lb (15reps)
Repeat 3x

-Curtsy Lunges with Ankle Weight on Moving Leg 30lbs (15reps on right leg)
Superset with
-Donkey Kicks and Straight Leg Raises with Ankle Weight (15reps of each exercise on right leg)
Repeat with Left Leg
Repeat entire set 3x

Stretch and Cool Down!

Tips you may want to read before:

*Banded Walks- Stay low and lead each step out with your heel NOT your toes…this gets your glutes really activated for your workout.

*Smith Machine Lunges- Try not to let your moving foot touch the floor except when you step back into your lunge.  Step back, lower your knee to almost touching the ground, drive up through your front heel, bring the back leg up almost knee to chest, and squeeze your booty pushing your pelvis forward.

*Donkey Kicks and Straight Leg Raises- Don’t lean into the hip of your stable leg, imagine your hips have headlights on them, both should be facing the ground.

(Adjust weights according to your fitness level.  Do not attempt any fitness or nutrition program without first consulting your physician.)



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