Valentines Day 2k17

I’m a lover of “candy holidays” that have no real significance…Halloween is my absolute favorite but Valentine’s Day is runner-up.  I will sugar up a kid in a hot second and I have no remorse for doing so.

Today also happened to be Free Dress and Spring Picture day at the boys’ school.  Luke chooses comfort and Layton chooses his NFL practice uniform.  I’m starting to think he wears it often so he’ll be prepared should he randomly get called to play one day.

After drop off, I picked up $165 in 1s from one of the third grade teachers for the THIRTY pizzas I had to pick up later in the day.  I’ve seen a stack of 1s like that before but it wasn’t in an elementary school.  Just kidding, people.  I hid the “dough” in my console and hopped into Planet Fitness to try and burn the calories I had already consumed from miniature peanut butter cups.  EYEROLL.

I’ll post my workout tomorrow maybe.  Nothing like a good old bathroom, gym selfie to get you motivated.

Shower and party time after that, and my car still wreaks of the THIRTY pizzas I had in it.  They were literally fogging up the windows, it was enough to turn me off of pizza for the day…but sadly nothing could turn me away from more peanut butter cups.  ANOTHER EYEROLL.

These two little nuggets had great days, I just pray they feel how loved they are!

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