Fitness Friday (Total Body)


This workout targets just about every muscle you’ve got and should torch plenty of calories because you are incorporating large muscle groups.

Set your timer for 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. Complete each circuit 3 times before you move on. (I use the Tabata Pro Timer app.)

Circuit 1:
Squat with Shoulder Press
Alternating Lunges with Bicep Curl

Circuit 2:
Man Makers
Hammer Curl to Shoulder Press

Circuit 3:
Alternate Front Raise with Lateral Raises
Alternate Step Back Lunges

Circuit 4:
Hand Release Push-Ups
Sexy Mountain Climbers

Circuit 5:
Bicycle Crunches
Goblet Squats to Straight Leg Deadlift

Circuit 6:
Reverse Fly
Gate Keepers

Circuit 7:

Each circuit will take 6 minutes to complete and the entire workout will take 42 minutes. This gives you plenty of time for a proper warm-up and cool down. For ideas on how to Warm-Up your body, check the tabs in the sidebar of the “Home” blog page.

(Use weight suitable to each move, for example, squats and deadlifts will require you to use more weights than your front and side raises.)

**As always, consult your physician before starting any exercise or nutrition program.

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