Long Weekends = Happiness

Do to the “flex schedule” that the school district started using this year, we got last Friday and this Monday (President’s Day) off.  Praise the Lord.  It seems like after the Christmas holiday you can literally only go SO LONG without having a break.  I iron clothes every single morning, my favorite part of the weekends, holidays, or summer break is that I don’t iron a dang thing!

Friday night, we decided, spontaneously, to go to the Florida Georgia Line concert in Shreveport.  Honestly, I was a little hesitant because although their songs are catchy, they can be quite corny and I thought the concert may follow suit.  Luckily, it was REALLY good. The two guys who make up the duet were refreshingly down-to-earth and I enjoyed their excerpts about being men of faith, being better husbands, and wanting to be great role models.  Here are a few pics from the concert:

The boys loved it and were so appreciative that we took them.  Bless their sweet souls.

Saturday morning we took the boys to shoot their bows with the local 4-H group and they killed it (not modest and pretty proud parent)!  Layton doesn’t use a sight and it drives me up the wall, but “Shooter MaGee” does ok for himself.  The last pic is so random but posted for posterity.  Layton and I hid in a blind they had set up for sale at the bow shop…for a long time.  We are nerds.

Saturday afternoon, our sweet, tiniest neighbor Tate had his first birthday where I ate approximately 8 mini cupcakes and justified it because they were that, mini.

These boys are OBSESSED with Tator!


Other than that, it was church Sunday, some fishing, and just hanging out Monday!

We have already counted and there are only 11 school days until we get out for Spring Break.  No ironing for the WIN!


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