Hi- welcome to the blog.  Years ago I had a blogspot.com address to act as a scrapbook for my two boys and I’ve recently decided to move my little blog to this new address and start back up again.

A little about me- I graduated from Texas A&M University (whoop!) with a degree in Agricultural Leadership and Development.  Shortly after, I met a cute guy named Lance.  We’ve been married almost 10 years (although I am also in love with Jesus Christ-Lance isn’t jealous) and we have two sweet boys, Luke and Layton.

I have worked in elementary education and taught one year of junior high math, but my passion lies in fitness.  I decided running a half marathon would be “cool” and started exercising to lose the stubborn baby weight from baby #1, but just as soon as I worked myself up to a one mile run, I found out I was pregnant with baby #2.  After Layton was born, I decided to get started again.  I began teaching fitness classes in fall of 2010 and ran my first half marathon that December as well (one a year is my goal…2017 will be half number 8).  I have since opened and closed my own group fitness facility, I’ve been certified to train and instruct various types of classes, and I would safely assume that I have taught close to 1000 classes.  Currently, I am coaching people who are eager to work on their health and fitness through online challenge groups.

Hopefully this blog lifts your spirits, lifts your hopes, and lifts your booty!!